Primary Level

The teaching pedagogy of the primary years focuses on developing the intellectual capabilities of students to the fullest. It strives to cultivate an aptitude for Reasoning and Exploration through integration of various subjects. We follow the principles of Learn, Apply, Interact and Develop to create a unique pedagogy that keeps the children engaged with the content. Every concept is introduced through interesting interactive sessions to ensure active participation of the learner.

A long standing relationship with formal and informal learning situations is inculcated to make them ready for more abstract academic challenges. A strong foundation of concepts is laid by using Experimental and Research based methods to ensure understanding of all concepts at school.

The purpose of the curriculum here is to ensure understanding of concepts, an ability to communicate proficiently, confidence in himself/herself and a life-long yearning to learn. First hand Observation, Experimentation and Application to real life contexts form an integral part of the learning process.