School Tranport Regulations

The regulations are for your comfort and safety. Travelling to and from school is a daily necessity and should, therefore, be an enjoyable experience. Please observe these regulations for your own comfort and that of other commuters.

Be punctual. Arrive at your designated pick-up point five minutes in advance of your allotted time, wearing your ID card and in the company of an adult who is known to the person in-charge of your transport.

Take your seat properly- and stay on it- for the duration of the journey, without putting your arms out of the window. Do not shout, throw objects or run in the bus.

Refrain from littering the bus. The drivers and assistants have responsible jobs to do and cannot halt the transport to check learners for unacceptable behaviour.

The school transport fee is to be paid for a 3 months period. A child cannot discontinue the bus facility during the Academic Session.

In case an existing user of bus facility wants to change to another route, the same would be done subject to availability of seat in the alternate bus route. The request for which should be made two weeks prior to the proposed date to change.

Under no circumstances are you allowed to take your child without prior written information to the school.