23rd December 2016

Christmas Celebration

The Shikshiyan school celebrated Christmas on 23rd December 2016 at the school campus. It is a festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. A special assembly was conducted by the Gyan House comprising of Christmas hymns, carols, dance and speeches. The students of the Pre-primary dressed up as Santa Clause and performed cotton dip painting activity. The primary classes wrote a letter to Santa asking for gifts and wishes. An Inter House Carol singing competition was conducted for the senior wing in which Vivek House emerged victorious. The Priests were the Chief guests of the celebrations and delivered a speech on the topic.

23rd December 2016

IMCT Kabbadi Competition

The Shikshiyan school participated in the Institute of Moral and Cultural Training Kabbadi competition held at Rotary Public school on 22nd December 2016. The U-14 and U-19 team of boys emerged as the Champions in both age categories wining all matches comprehensively. The students were presented with Medals an trophy by the Principal Mrs. Geeta Dagar.

2nd December 2016

Talent Hunt Competiton

A Talent Hunt Competition was organised for the students of classes Nursery-II on 2nd December 2016. The idea of the competition was to identify, train and develop the co-curricular skills of the students. Students were prepared for dance and singing performances in western and indian category. All the students performed brilliantly and expressed themselves thoroughly on the stage. The competition ended with the principal Mrs. Geeta Dagar’s speech and distribution of certificates.

The list of the awardees is:

Name Class Grades
Sherya Nursery I
Himanshi Nursery II
Manvi Nursery III
Dristi Prep I
Shruti Prep II
Vanya Prep I
Yash Prep II
Toyash Prep II
Vinayak Prep II

Name Class Grades
Vaishnavi I I
Lavanya I II
Saanidhya I III
Rohit I II
Harsh Saini I III
Yuvraj II II
Nancy II III
Diyanshi II II
Yashika II III
Harshita II I

6th December 2016

English Story Telling Competition

The shikshiyan school organised an english story telling competition for the students of classes VI, VII, VIII on 6th December 2016 in the school auditorium. The idea of compettion was the enharcement of spoker and presentation skills of the students. As many as 6 particiapates participated from each class and section. The students were judged on Expression, memory, fluency and presentation. The competition ended with principal Mrs. Geeta Dagar’s words of wisdom and certificate distribution.

The list of the awardees is:

Name Class Grades
Bhawana VI I
Tanisha VI II
Tanisha tyagi VI III
Priya VII I
Lakshay yadav VII II
Dev Rana VI III
Dev Rana VI III
Anshil Tyagi VIII I
Isha Tyagi VIII II
Daljeet kaur VIII III

6th December 2016

English Recitation

The shikshiyan School conducted an english poetry Recitation for classes III, Ivand V on 6th December 2016 in the School auditorium. As many as 6 students participated from each class and section. The students prepared and recited long porms from their course and Reader for the competition. The students were judged on their prononciation, rxpression, modulation and presentation.

The list of the awardees is:

Name Class Grades
Angel III-A I
Palak & Khushi III-A II
Prachi, Anshul & Anshika III-A III
Anshika III-B I
Siddharth III-B II
Nandini Nandini III
Agrima & Mansi IV-A I
Vanshika & Nishi IV-A II
Yashika yadav IV-B II
Mehak & Palak IV-A III
Radhika & Khushi V-A I
Janvi & Rishika V-A II
Vandana V-A III
Anuj V-B III

November 2016

Football Tournament

The students of the shikshyan school participated in the Franrock Football Tournament held at Palam Vihar, Gurgaon. The school participated in the U-10 and U-13 category. Both the teams played well and won two matches and lost one match each. The main performance of the team were Deepanshu Janghu and Yogesh Yadav.

19th November 2016

Annual Day - ANVESHNA – The Perpetual Quest

The Shikshiyan School has conducted its 5th Annual Day- ANVESHNA- THE PERPETUAL QUEST on 19th November 2016 at the school. The program commenced with the traditional lightning of the lamp by the Principal Mrs. Geeta Dagar. The School Choir then welcomed the guests and parents with a Welcome Song. Mr. Sanjay SehrawatACP- Crime Branch Delhi was the Chief Guest of the function. The Founder and Visionary, Mr. Brijesh Dagar also graced the Occasion with his benign presence. The Program consisted of a plethora of cultural and International and performances. Cultural acts like Dandiya,Puppet,Rajasthani and Bhangra dances were highly appreciated by the audience. International actssuch as Chinese ribbon,Australian Folk Dance,Yoka(Japnese) Dance mesmerized the audience. The Ballet on Delhi [Since Inception and its History] was the main highlight of the program. The Chairman Mr. Mukul Dagar represented the Annual Report of the session and spoke about the Achievements and Achievers of the School in all areas. The program ended with a vote of Thanks.

26 Nov 2016

Science Exhibition

The students from The Shikshiyan School participated in 7th Annual Science Rendezvous, Science exhibition held on 26 Nov 2016 at Pathfinder Global School, Pataudi.

Students participated at various levels and programmes actively and enthusiastically. Senior students of class 9th Himanshi and Kapil demostrated working model of Emergency electricity generatror, Sheetal and Aishwarya participate in science quiz and Deepak Jha in Debate.

Junior students from class 5th Radhika and Janvi successfully and enthusiastically presented conceptual model of Solar Water Disinfection; Rishika (Class 5th) and Parth Jhangu (class 4th) participated in Junior Science quiz and fetched award for 3rd position from more than 16 participating school.

6th November 2016

Kabbadi Competition

The Shikshiyan School participated in the open weight Kabbadi Competition organized by RavinderYadav at Mulhare, Gurgaon on 6th November 2016. Our team performed exceptionally well and grabbed the third position. PradyumanTyagi,ShivamTyagi, Niwanshu performed exceptionally well for the school.

November 2016

Volleyball Competition

Sep 1, 2016

Talent Hunt

Organized by: Ryder’s Academy, Gurgaon Sports
Venue:Ryder’s Academy, Gurgaon Sports

The Shikshiyan School participated in Talent Hunt Skating Competition held at Ryder’s Sports Academy, Sec 56 Gurgaon on 11th October 2016. Student Sweety of Class VI won the Gold Medal in 1000m where as Sneha of Class VA won Silver Medal in 800m Race.

Sr. No. Participant Name Class Achievement
1 Sneha V Silver Medal
2 Sweety VI Gold Medal

28 october 2016


The festival of lights is the biggest Indian Festival which is celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm throughout the country. This festival spreads joy and harmony everywhere and enlightens each and every corner of the society. It is that time of the year when cordial relationships are strengthening through greetings. The Shikshiyan School celebrated Diwali in the school campus on 28 october2016. A special assembly was conducted by the students of The Dhraiya House. They presented speeches and poems about Diwali, Its History, Importance,how it is celebrated. The students stressed on the need for a clean and green Diwali by avoiding Crackers. The students of Pre Primary Classes also presented speeches and poems on the topic which were highly appreciated by one andall. The chairman Mr. Mukul Dagar wished all the students A Very Happy Diwali and spoke about the festival.

19th October to 22nd October 2016

Inter House Volleyball Competition

The Shikshiyan School conducted an Inter House Volleyball Competition for the students of senior classes from 19th October to 22nd October 2016. All the four houses competed vigorously to achieve the top spot. Dhairya house won the Championship defeating Gyan house in the final 21-12, 21-14. All the participants of the four houses were congratulated by the Principal Mrs. Geeta Dagar and the winners were honored with certificated. Pradyuman, Ishant and Niwarshu excelled throughout the tournament with their performance.

Day 1

1st IInd IIIrd
Prakash House 18 14 7
Dhairya House 21 21 21
Vivek house 21 21 20
Gyan House 19 13 21

Day 2

1st IInd IIIrd
Prakash House 7 21 21
Vivek House 21 18 12
Gyan House 21 9 21
Dhairya House 15 21 20

Day 3

1st IInd IIIrd
Prakash House 21 19 14
Gyan House 19 21 21
Dhairya House 21 15 21
Vivek House 18 21 9

Final Match

1st IInd
Gyan House 12 14
Dhairya House 19 21

Best players of the Tournament:-Praduman, Ishant, Niwanshu, Karan, Jitender, Shivam, Tarun

October, 2016


Dussehra is a festival that epitomizes victory of good over evil. It marks the killing of Ravana by lord Ram. The Shikshiyan school celebrated Dussehra in the School campus through a special Assembly. The tiny toddlers presented a skit whereby they enacted a few scenes from the Ramayana. The senior students presented speeches on the topic. The school choil sang a religious song to mark the occasion.

5th & 6th October 2016

Astroport Trip

The shikshiyan School in its endeavor of holistic development and experiential learning organized a trip in collaboration with Space Technology and Education Pvt. Ltd. to Sariska( Astroport) on 5th& 6th October 2016. The Students left early at 6:00a.m. on 5th October 2016. The students had their breakfast on the way of Bhiwadi which was followed by their arrival at the Astroport. The students went for a track on the Aravali hills at evening which was followed by a movie the students had a space observation workshop at night where they used telescopes and d cleared their concepts about the space which was followed by a dance party. The next morning students went for a jungle Safari to the Sarika National Park where they witnessed a wide range of wild animals. It was a memorable trip for the students as they learnt and enjoyed a lot.

8th and 9th september, 2016

Religious Visit

The students of Class Nursery & Prep visited the Iskcon Temple for a religious visit on 8th and 9th september2016 respectively. The temple buzzed with the vibes of lord Krishna and Radha as the students entered the temple. The priests narrated the stories of lord Krishna to the students which they enjoyed thoroughly. The students also sang and danced on the Bhajans. They recited poems and shlokas too. At the end the students were offered Prasad and sweets which they accepted and ate gleefully. The students prayed and took blessings from the almighty and left back for school.

August, 2016

Independence Day

“At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends and when the sole of a nation long suppressed find utterance”. So said Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru on the eve of India’s Independence. We pay homage to countless freedom fighters as we celebrate the 70th Independence Day. The students of our school were filled with patriotism and love for our country. Our school presented mélange of patriotic activities which created an atmosphere of national pride. A special assembly was organized followed by a cultural event. Our school choir presented songs on Nationalism, followed by dances by primary wing. Students of senior wing took initiative to let their friends know more about difficult times faced by our countrymen before India finally won freedom at midnight on August 15, 1947. Following activities were organized for our students on the occasion of our Independence day.

Class Competition
Nursery- II Fancy dress competition
III Flag making competition
IV-V Coloring competition
VI-VIII Incredible quiz competition

11 August 2016

English Recitation Competition

The English Recitation Competition of class I-III was held on 11 August 2016 in the amphitheater. As we all know, a poem is meant for enjoyment. Beauty is the realm of the poetry, the children enjoy the beauty of expression, thoughts, feeling, rhyme, rhythm and music of words. Taking all these facts into consideration the children got an opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence. The children chose a variety of topics for their recitation like nature, trees, flower, mother, teacher etc. with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. The Preliminary round was conducted in the class room from where finalists were selected for the Final Round. Our chairman Mr. Mukul Dagar was invited to witness the competition. He appreciated and applauded at the performance of the participants and the children enjoyed the competition.

English creative writing competition

In order to enhance students creativity and English writing skills , we at Shikshiyan organized English Creative writing competition for classes III-VIII on 11th August 2016. Our students participated with full dedication and enthusiasm. The topics were:

III-V - My favorite cartoon character

VI-VIII: Rote learning should be discouraged. Agree or disagree

July 30, 2016

Annual prize distribution

The Annual Prize Distribution of The Shikshiyan School was conducted on July 30, 2016 at the school auditorium. The academic, co- curricular and sports achievers were felicitated by the management for their achievements throughout the academic session 2015- 16. The various category of awards given include General Proficiency I , II , III for the students achieving best grades or marks . The Application Prize was presented to the students who worked hard diligently and improved throughout the year. The Best All Rounder Award was presented to the students who excelled in all areas of the curriculum throughout the year. The co- curricular and Sports awards were also presented. The Principal Mrs. Geeta Dagar congratulated the students and motivated them to work harder to achieve greater heights of success.

4 August 2016

Field Trip

The flora of India is one of the richest in the world due to the world wide range of climate, topology and habitat in the country. There is established to be over 16000 species of flowering plants in India which constitute 6-7 percent of the total plant species in the world. The use of plants as a source of medicines has been an integral part of life in India from earliest times.

India is divided into eight main floristic regions: western Himalayas, Ganges plain, the Deccan, Malabar and the Andaman islands. Our students of classes III-V went on a field trip on 4 August 2016 Thursday. Thy enjoyed the trip with full enthusiasm and zeal. They grasped knowledge about the flora of India.

16th July 2016

SPECTRUM Exhibition

The Shikshiyan School organized an exhibition – SPECTRUM for the parents on 16th July 2016 in the school auditorium. The students of classes Nursery to VIII demonstrated their projects, charts, models, presentations and explained about them in their own words. They briefly described about the Procedure, Objectives and Importance of their projects and explained about the usefulness of these for mankind. The highlights of the spectrum were projects on Water Cycle, Solar system, Freedom fighters, Kind of Animals and 3D shapes etc.

The parents attended the spectrum in large numbers and appreciated the students and staff for their commendable performance. The Principal Mrs. Geeta Dagar graced the occasion with her presence and congratulated the students and staff.

11th of July 2016

World Population Day 2016

World Population Day is a great event being celebrated all through the world annually on 11th of July. It is celebrated to increase the awareness of the people towards the worldwide population issues. It was first started in the year 1989 by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). World population day is celebrated on international level by organizing variety of activities and events to draw attention of mass people to work together on the issues of growing population. Some of the activities include seminar discussions, educational competitions, educational information sessions, essay writing competition, public contests on various topics, poster distribution, .Here in The Shikshiyan School we organized a Poster making competition for classes III-V .Our students participated with full zeal and enthusiasm. Following is the list of the winners

Class The Winners
III-A 1) Shine
2) Arohi
III-A 1) Akashav
2) Jaswant
IV-A 1) Nishi
2) Kartavya
IV-B 1) Ridhi
2) Nivya

11th July 2016

“Reading is pleasure but understanding is a skill”

In keeping view the concept of making students understand the novels prescribed in syllabus. The Shikshiyan School organized an “Inter House Novel Review Competition” on 11th July 2016 for classes IX to XII. Students From each house presented their power-point presentation with great enthusiasm. The skill was not only to understand but also to present, speak and knowledge gained. Mr. Mukul Dagar, revered chairman, had consented to be the judge. In his speech, he appreciated the efforts put up by the teachersand students. He also encouraged the students to participate in more and more activities for their holistic development.

Class The Winners
IX 1st Sheetal (Gyan House)
2nd Chandrika (Vivek House)
X 1st Pragya (Prakash House)
2nd Tannu Sangwan (Vivek House)
3rd Prashant Yadav (Dhairya House)
XI 1st Anjali (Vivek House)
2nd Tannu Tyagi (Dhairya House)
XII 1st Nakul Tyagi (Dhairya House)
2nd Praduman (Vivek House)

1st July 2016


Every year 1st July is celebrated as doctor’s Day as a mark of respect for all those doctors who have relentlessly made efforts to sustain the life of their patients against all odds. A special assembly was conducted on 8th July 2016 on Doctor’s Day to make the students aware about the Doctor’s Day and their importance in our life. Following the school prayer, a skit was presented by the student of class 8th. Doctor’s are always next God as they save lives. But in today’s scenario, the profession of doctor’s is a profession of minting money.

This effort was simply an approach to understand the remarkable advancement in medical science and an appraisal to the noblest profession. Though a thought regarding the increasing professionalism and money minded approach of the Doctor’s was put across the students.

May 2016

CBSE X RESULTS 2015-2016

The management of The Shikshiyan School, Gurgaon is proud to announce the excellent Class X CBSE- 16 secondary result .The management congratulates students who got 9-10 CGPA , staff and parents for the excellent CBSE secondary class X 15-16 result.

11th May 2016


Handwriting plays an important role as it is a medium of expressing our thoughts, views with clarity and cohesion. Keeping this in mind an Inter Class Calligraphy Competition was conducted for CLASSES III, IV & V on 11th May 2016 to develop and hone the calligraphic skills of the students. All the students participated with zeal & enthusiasm. The list of awardees is as follows:

Ishika - I Yanshika Kataria - I
Jaswant – II Kritika Sharma - II
Kush Kanboj Harsh Greed – III
Akshar – III

Nishi – I Sara Janghu - I
Varun – II Yashika Tyagi - II
Mehak – III Ridhi – III

Rishika – I Anuj Kumar - I
Jarvi Ahlawat – II Dhruv Sangwan - II
Rahul Bhardwaj – III Vineet Gulia – III

May 2016

Special Assembly Summer Vacations

Summer vacations provide us with a much needed break from the hectic busy schedule and rejuvenate & refresh our mind, body and soul. The students of the senior wing organized and presented a special assembly on summer vacation. The students elaborated as to how we can make our holidays meaningful & memorable? They stressed on the need to learn and acquire new skills during the vacations to grow and develop into better human beings. The students displayed their talents through songs, dances, presentations, speeches and poems.

22nd April, 2016

Earth Day

The Earth day was celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm on 22nd April, 2016 at the school campus. The day began with a special assembly by the Prakash House in which the students emphasized on the need for introspection to save and protect Mother Earth. The students performed a skit which was followed by the earth song by the school choir. Later in the day various activities were conducted for all classes in which the students learnt with fun and frolic which are given below in the table.

Palm printing on Poster of Earth Pre-Nursery, Nursery & Prep
Colour the picture accroding to the given guidelines I to II
Solve the problems and colour the picture III to V
Collage making on the “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” VI& VII
Essay writing “Importance of trees” VIII
Group Discussion on “the difference between contribution of western countries and India in keeping the environment clean.” IX & X
Solve the problems and colour the picture III to V

The earth day is an important day as it gives the students an opportunity to know and understanding the importance of protecting the Earth and the measures needed for it.

April 2016

Red Day Thumb Printing

15.02.16 to 19.02.16

Sports Week

The Sports week is being celebrated in The Shikshiyan School from 15.02.16 to 19.02.16 for classes Pre. Nur to Prep. Sports are an integral part of the curriculum at Shikshiyan as holistic development is of utmost importance to us.

25th January,2016

Republic day

The republic day was celebrated on 25th January,2016 at the school campus with zeal and enthusiasm. The students of the primary and senior wing presented a special assembly on republic Day. The students of classes III & IV recited speeches on What is Constitution?, How was it enacted? And discussed about the role of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar in framing the constitution. The students of classes VII & VIII recited patriotic poems followed by speeches on ‘The Preamble’ and ‘What an Ideal citizen should be like?’. The school choir sang patriotic songs and the students of classes III & IV danced to the tunes of patriotic songs. The Principal Mrs. Geeta Dagar graced the occasion by sharing her words of wisdom.

13th January,2016

Talent hunt Competition

A talent hunt was conducted on 13th January for the students of class I and II. The students displayed their skills and talents in the fields of Poem Recitation, Dance, Music, Storytelling etc. All the students participated with joy and vigor exhibiting their innate talents and potential. The students were judged on their confidence, Intonation, Presentation. The principal Mrs. Geeta Dagar congratulated and appreciated the students for their efforts.