Mon, 11th Feb 2019

Maths Quiz

A Maths Quiz organised by IBEATZ an educational organisation was held on 11.02.2019 for classes III-VII. All students participated in the competition of 3 rounds ---------- MCQ, Audio Visual & Buzzer round. Vedita (III), Anurag (IV), Harsh (V) & Prateek (VI) of the overall students qualified for the 2nd level of the quiz to be held in the month of April.

Fri, 25th Jan 2019

Republic Day

Republic Day marking the birth and origin of our constitution was celebrated on 25th January 2019 in the school campus. A special assembly was presented by the junior wing comprising of speeches, poems, song and dance performance. The students got vital information about the Constitution and our rights & duties as citizens etc. The assembly was followed by a plethora of activities in which Patriotic song singing competition was the highlight in which many students participated with zeal and enthusiasm. The Principal Mrs Geeta Dagar spoke about the importance of the day

Fri, 04th Jan 2019

Vocabulary Enhancement

An activity was conducted for class Nursery to enhance and develop their vocabulary where by the students spoke a few lines dressed up as a certain object. They carried fancy and creative props and told the qualities of the objects they depicted. The activity was very fruitful and was thoroughly enjoyed by all students.

Mon, 24th Dec 2018


Christmas was celebrated in the form of a special assembly on 24th December 2018. The students of the senior wing briefed about the birth and life of Lord Jesus. A short skirt depicting his life was also presented. A few Christmas carols were sung by the school choir. The assembly ended with the distribution of gifts and sweets by the Santa.

Mon, 10th Dec 2018

Master Chef Competition

A Master Chef Competition was held on 10.12.2018 for classes IV-VII. The theme was to cook/prepare innovative, presentable and delicious dishes without the use of fire. The students participated with zeal and enthusiasm and prepared many varieties of dishes which were tempting and mouth watering. The winners were awarded with certificates by the Principal Mrs Geeta Dagar.

Sat, 17th Nov 2018

Annual Day – Tarannum-The Beckoner 2018

The Shikshiyan School , Sector-108, Gurugram celebrated its Annual Day “TARANNUM – THE BECKONER“ On 17th November 2018 at the school campus. A plethora of cultural activities and programmes were organised and presented by the students of all classes from Nursery-XII. A mesmerising ballet on “Subhash Chandra Bose” was presented by the students of classes III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII & IX. Similarly other charismatic programmes such as Navaras, Kerala traditional , Chinese Flower, contemporary were performed by the students. An English play “Bishop’s candlesticks” by the senior students and “Rainbow Fish” by the junior students were performed magnificently. A well prepared Orchestra , Indian & Western group and solo songs were sung by the school choir. The Chairman Mr. Mukul Dagar spoke about the activities of school in all spheres through an Annual report . The program ended with the vote of thanks and the school song.

Fri, 07th Sep 2018

Cleanliness Week

Cleanliness Week was organised from 04.09.2018 to 07.09.2018 for classes Nursery and Prep. The week was planned to create awareness and sensitise students about the importance and ways to maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness. They were also briefed about keeping their surroundings, society and country clean by not throwing garbage/trash around them. They were also educated about the basic habits to be developed and followed to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

Sat, 18th Aug 2018

Annual Prize Distribution 2017-2018

The Annual Prize Distribution of The Shikshiyan School was held on 18th August 2018. The academic, Co-curricular and sports achievers of the session 2017-18 were felicitated on the day for their brilliance and excellence in all fields of the curriculum. The various academic categories of awards included General Proficiency 1,2,3, Application Prize and The Best All Rounder award. The excellent performers of the CBSE Board exams were also felicitated by the Chief Guest Mr. Balaram Pani (Principal-Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences). The sports achievers of all sports were also felicitated to go along with the co-curricular and cultural achievers. The Chief Guest & The Principal Mrs Geeta Dagar appreciated and praised the awardees through their words of wisdom. The program ended with a mesmerising dance performance by the tiny tots and the Vote of Thanks.

Tue, 14th Aug 2018

Independence Day

The Independence Day was celebrated on 14th August 2018 to instill the patriotic fervour among the students of the school. The day commenced with a special assembly by the Pre- primary and the Primary wing. The Tiny tots who came dressed up as National leaders spoke a few lines about all National leaders. The students of the primary wing presented speeches and patriotic poems. A marvellous skit depicting the life and struggle of a soldier and his family was performed by class V students which was followed by a patriotic song and dance performance. Various competitions such as Composition on National Symbols, Drawing & Poster making, English recitation & Paragraph writing were conducted throughout the day in all classes to mark the importance of the day.

Sun, 12th Aug 2018

Monsoon Week

Monsoon week was celebrated from 06th August to 12th August 2018 for classes Nursery and Prep. Various activities pertaining to the Monsoon Season were conducted such as paper boat making, Colouring Monsoon wheel, Umbrella and cloud making. Students enjoyed the rain dance on the final day of the week. Monsoon season rejuvenates and replenishes the nature by bringing about positivity and freshness all around To instil and imbibe this feeling the Monsoon week was celebrated and the importance of it was briefed to the students. The Students enjoyed and participated with enthusiasm as the activities were full of fun and frolic.

Wed, 25th Jul 2018

Talent Hunt Competition

A talent Hunt competition was conducted for classes I-II on 25th July 2018. The students prepared themselves on their area of specific interest. The various fields or disciplines to choose from included Vocal Music, Western & Classical Dance and English recitation. A large number of students participated and presented their performances. The students performed brilliantly and displayed their talents. The judgement criteria included presentation, Confidence, Expression etc.

The winners were awarded by the Vice Principal Ms. Preeti Dagar who also expressed the importance of such platforms to develop and identify the hidden talents of the students.

Sat, 21st Jul 2018


The Annual Exhibition (Spectrum) was held on 21st July,2018 in the school auditorium. Students of classes’ I-IX participated with zeal and enthusiasm. Students prepared and presented various Models , projects, charts covering all subjects and disciplines of the academic curriculum. Students brilliantly displayed their Innovative, Creative , Scientific , research based skills through the depiction of marvellous projects & models. The models which were highly appreciated and liked were Biomes, Flags & Major Domains of the world, life cycle, Artificial Satellites , Green House, Ram Mandir, Lungs, Circulatory System, Eco-cooler, Rain Water Harvesting, Electro Magnetic Crane, Solar System, States of Matter, 3D Shapes, Types of Plants, Endangered Animals, Pascal Triangle, Bargraphs etc. to name a few. The parents thoroughly enjoyed the event and were mesmerized by the students hardwork and performance . They appreciated the students through their valuable feedbacks and words of praise.

Sun, 01st Jul 2018

19th Milo International Karate Championship

In the 19th Milo International Karate Championship held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 30th June- 1st July, 2018, “YOGESH JANGHU” of Class IX who represented INDIA secured Second (2nd ) position amongst participants from various countries of the world. The Shikshiyan School congratulated and felicitated him for marvelous achievement. He has made our country and school proud through his hard work and success.

Sun, 24th Jun 2018

Dance Competition

The Shikshiyan School participated in the KON BANEGA CITY STAR dance competition held on 24th June, 2018 at KINGDOM OF DREAMS, OPEN THEATRE Sector- 29, Gurugram. Our U-12 team comprising of Prachi, Archisha, Khushi Yadav, Yanshika Kataria, Avika, Preeti Kumari, Akshita Kaushik emerged as the champions by bagging the 1st position out of 20 competing schools. The students were awarded and congratulated for their outstanding performance by the School Management.

Wed, 13th Jun 2018

Beach party

The Shikshiyan School organised a beach party for the students of pre primary wing. Various programs were organised for the students such as fun race, ramp walk, dance splash pool. Students were given information about the beach and its life. There were different counters for students like Bhel puri counter, coconut water, chat counter, which they enjoyed thoroughly.

Thu, 17th May 2018

Mall Visit

The students of The Shikshiyan School went for a mall visit to the Ambience Mall on 15th & 17th May 2018. The students walked through the mall and observed the working of the place. The students enjoyed themselves thoroughly and had a great time.

Tue, 01st May 2018

Labour Day

In India Labour day is celebrated to honour all the working women & men. Labour Day is celebrated on the 1st of May every year. It is also known as International Worker’s Day. A special assembly was conducted to honour all the working staff of school. Students presented a special dance performance. As a token of love, students gave gifts and cards to the working staff.

Sun, 22nd Apr 2018


Earth Day is celebrated every year on 22nd April, 2018 to worship and thank Mother Nature for the immense gifts we receive from it. It is a global phenomenon and is widely celebrated throughout the world. The present day demands a cohesive, united effort from all global citizens to protect and preserve our Earth for future generations. The Shikshiyan celebrated Earth Day through a special assembly presentation consisting of speeches, stories and poems. It also included a mesmerizing dance, music and a Nukkad Natak performance on the theme of Protecting Our Earth. A plethora of activities were also organized and conducted for the students of Pre- Primary and Primary wings such as badge making, thumb printing on T-shirts and poster making. The Principal Mrs. Geeta Dagar briefed the students about the importance of protecting Mother Earth and planted new trees in the Campus

Thu, 19th Apr 2018

Inter-house Basketball competition for boys

The Shikshiyan School organised an Inter-House Basket Ball Competition for the boys of classes 6 to 8 from 17th -19th April. All four houses participated in this competition with zeal and enthusiasm displaying great sportsman spirit. The Final match was played between Prakash and Dhairya House in which Prakash House emerged as the winner. The key players were Anshul, Deepak Sanjay and Nishant of Class 8th. Principal Mrs. Geeta Dagar felicitated the winners with certificates and encouraged the winners and participants with her words of wisdom

Sat, 14th Apr 2018


The festival of Baisakhi brings about joy, prosperity and happiness in the lives of people associated with the profession of agriculture. It is the time of harvest where a farmer reaps the benefits of his labour and hard work. The Shikshiyan School celebrated Baisakhi for classes Nursery- II through special presentations and performances. The students delivered speeches and poems. There was a mesmerizing song and dance performance which enthralled the students thoroughly. The students enjoyed themselves and learnt about the importance of the festival.

Wed, 11th Apr 2018

Inter-house Kabaddi competition for girls

An Inter-House Kabaddi Competition was organised for girls of classes 6 to 8 from 9th to 11th April. The final match was played between Dhairya house and Gyan house. It was a tough match and Gyan house emerged victorious with flying colours. Lubhansa , Arpita of class VIII and Janvi , Riya (VII) were the top performers. Principal Mrs. Geeta Dagar felicitated the winners with certificates and encouraged the winners and participants with her words of wisdom.

Wed, 04th Apr 2018

Inter-house Kabaddi competition for boys

An inter-house kabaddi competition was organised for boys of classes 6 to 8 from 2nd to 4th April. All the teams participated with enthusiasm and competitive spirit. The final match was played between Prakash House and Gyan House in which the Gyan House emerged as winners. The key performers were Himanshu Tyagi, Utsav Tyagi and Mohit of Class 8th. Principal Mrs. Geeta Dagar felicitated the winners with certificates and encouraged the winners and participants with her words of wisdom.

Tue, 20th Feb 2018

Farewell Party

The class 12th students received a spectacular farewell which was organised by Class 11th students. The students had meticulously planned and orchestrated many fun filled activities for their seniors. They presented an interesting collection of songs, dances and skit and enthralled the audiences with the performances.

One of the highlights was the Mr and Miss Shikshiyan ceremony. All the students participated with full vigour and spirits. The participants went through various rounds which were fascinating and enjoyable. Finally, Chirag( XII Science) and Tanu(XII Humanities) were chosen as Mr. and Miss Shikshiyan amidst a thunderous applause.

Principal Mam graced the occasion with her presence. Our Chairman Sir extended best wishes and words of wisdom to the outgoing batch.

Thu, 01st Feb 2018


The Shikshiyan School organised a ‘Kids day out’ for the students of classes VI - VIII at KINGDON OF DREAMS on 1st February, 2018. The students had a great time and it was a memorable experience for all. At Shikshiyan we strive for holistic development and continuous, regular excursions and outings are an integral part of the curriculum.

Thu, 25th Jan 2018

CBSE Regional Science Exhibition

In continuation with our studens’ quest for scientific excellence, our team participated in CBSE Regional Science Exhibition organised on 23-25 January 2018 at DPS Sec 45. This competition had representation from all schools of Haryana. Amongst all the schools, our science model got selected for the second round. It was a tough shortlisting procedure and the students must be congragulated for their undiluted efforts.

Amongst all schools of Haryana, The Shikshiyan School got selected for the second round. Nishant Jhangu and Kapil Grewal represented our school and made a Hydraulic Crane. The judges were very impressed by the sincere efforts of our students. We heartily congragulate our students for showing the right scientific temper and attitude to be selected amongst all the schools of Haryana.

Mon, 15th Jan 2018

Visit to Isckon Temple

In its quest for holistic development The Shikshiyan School arranged Educational visits to Isckon for its students of class Nursery. The idea is to make them aware, enhance their knowledge and provide a platform for fun filled learning with enjoyment.

These visits are so planned in variety at the Shikshiyan that each and every child gathers vital information, knowledge about all spheres of life. The Students enjoyed themselves thoroughly and cherished each and every moment of the visit.

Wed, 10th Jan 2018

Visit to Railway Museum

In its quest for holistic development The Shikshiyan School arranged Educational visits to Railway Museum for its students of classes I-V. The idea is to make them aware, enhance their knowledge and provide a platform for fun filled learning with enjoyment. Through such visits students explore, enrich and experience the minute details about the working and functioning of such institutions. The Students enjoyed themselves thoroughly and cherished each and every moment of the visit.